At Hee Haul, we provide not one, not two, but three different services for the community. With over 20 years of experience in each field... Junk Removal, Moving Labor and Demolition, without one taking away from the other, giving free estimates, discounts and references upon request, at a fraction of the cost of other franchise corporate companies. We may be a smaller outfit than some of the others, but that is okay because so are our prices!

  Giving back

Unlike some other companies, we actually care about the community where we live and do business in. We understand times can be tough and though any person may be in the position to need the services we provide, that doesn't mean they are wealthy.

See that is where we come in. We run discounts for the community. We also actually listen to peoples situations and been known to work with them the best we can. Doing things like going the extra mile to help customers in need in numerous ways, by not just disposing legally and recycling, but taking certain left over items of value from our jobs and either selling them at super low prices, donating or just giving it away to those who need it most. Recently, we donated money to a family who lost their home in a fire. We here at Hee Haul, love helping others!